Feb 23

About Us

Dedicated to bring you the freshest, juiciest stuff in the Metal Realm.

Heavy Metal Tribune will bring you the latest updates in the metal circle. Our focus will be on all forms of metal, from traditional heavy metal to extreme metal.

So if you need help in promoting your band, just hit us and we’ll do what we can.
Contact us too, if you desire to be interviewed by us. We’ll schedule, no matter how big or small your band’s following is.

Events that we have been involved in:
Asian Worshippers Tour 2011 (2011)
SG Stomping Auditions (2010)
Meltgsnow Black Penance album launch (2010)
Truth Be Known EP launch (2010)
The Loudest Band competition by SOFT.com.sg (2010)
Grindhouse (2010)

We do a variety of reviews as long as it is relevant to the metal listening lifestyle.
Be it band reviews, Album/EP reviews, Gigs/Event reviews, Food reviews, Venue Reviews, Metal/Rock Pub/Club reviews, we’re open to most things. If we think that our metal community will love it, we will review it!*

*Disclaimer: Due to popular demand, it will take some time to review. We will consider your urgency, but it is preferred that you contact us in advance so that we could schedule some time.

Not in picture: Adam Md Yusop (GLOBAL CHAOS, album reviews)

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