Feb 27

Views from the Pit: Age of Sinfonia @ Noise 2011

Age of Sinfonia performs at Noise 2011, in conjunction with the launch of their debut EP, Capriccio: An End & A Beginning.

With the performance being held at Esplanade Waterfront Theatre, this is probably one of the largest crowds that Age of Sinfonia has ever performed to, and there is the pressure to make sure that the band impresses. Dressed to the nines, from vocalist Savvia’s corset to the colour coordination of the rest of the band, they certainly left a great first impression, especially for those amongst the crowd who are watching Age of Sinfonia for the first time.

The recent release of the band’s debut EP, Capriccio: An End & A Beginning meant that the setlist was more or less expected, with the band performing all 3 songs taken from the EP and 2 additional newly written songs, ear-candy for those present. I have to say, the sound was awesome, with each instruments being clearly heard most of the time, though there were times when the keyboards and the violins overshadowed the guitar. Most importantly though, was the presence of Savvia’s vocals, not having to compete with the rest of the band for once. Savvia seems to be on top form, hitting each note with ease and confidence, proving her prowess as a vocalist.

The mark of how much a band has grown is perhaps the way the band manages to handle the crowd. In this aspect, it is obvious how much Age of Sinfonia has grown, with Savvia taking over the stage, moving from one end to another to engage the crowd, at one point even going down the stage towards the crowd, which certainly adds to the overall experience of the performance.

Special mention goes towards keyboardist Jack, who managed to perform despite the injuries to his knees. The decision for the band to carry on with the performance despite the recent injury goes towards showing the band’s dedication towards their music, and also the unity and bond among the band mates.

Having watched the band perform since their debut show 3 years back, it is indeed satisfying and pleasurable to be able to be one of the few who witness their progress. Age of Sinfonia is certainly one of the forces to watch out for in the near future.

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