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Album Review: Sulphur Aeon – Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide

Sulphur Aeon - Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide

Sulphur Aeon [Germany]
Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide
Full Length
FDA Rekotz
Death Metal

2013 is indeed off to a great start, with the first month of the year not even ending yet and we already have such a great number of good releases. Sulphur Aeon has been one of such hyped bands, with the band’s 2010 demo and 2012 EP recently being sold out, and garnering quite a following even before they have released a full length album. This year sees the band dropping their debut full length in the form of Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide, and the band’s interest in the mythology of the cthulhu carries on, complete with an impressive and captivating artwork to boot.

The rites begin as the band conjures the cthulu with Cthulu Rites, shrouding the band’s music in a dense atmosphere with the band chanting an incantation at the background, and the conjuring continues as the album begins proper with Incantation. The band’s onslaught is relentless, as the riffs unleashed by T hits the listener with no mercy, backed by the hard-hitting rapid blast beats of D. For the most part, the band’s style of death metal on Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide is rather reminiscent of the Polish style of death metal, reminding one of bands such as Behemoth, though there is a greater sense of melody here, making for a more diverse listen compared to the aforementioned. For instance, the leads on Inexorable Spirits display T’s versatility on his instrument. Furthermore, there are also moments where the band has fused some slight old school Swedish death metal influences as well in the riffing styles of T, resulting in a sound that sounds like a cross between Behemoth and Grave. The lead guitar lines that the band at times layer above the chaos also brings to mind bands such as Entombed, like on Those Who Dwell in Stellar Void.

What really stood out on the album though is not only the music on the album, but also the overall atmosphere that the band has managed to conjure. Throughout the album, the music is shrouded in a fog of mystery, yet the raw production and that spacey atmosphere results in a sound that is huge as hell, and in particular the drums of D are crushing as hell. M’s vocals are equally impressive and savage, fitting the band tightly like a glove with his hateful lyrical delivery, dripping with hate and vengeance.

The entire listening experience for the album literally feels as though one is swallowed by the ocean’s tide, with the music and the atmosphere equally resulting in the listener feeling as though one were being crushed under an immense impact, making Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide one hell of a monstrous record.

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FDA Rekotz

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