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Album Review: Eruption – Tenses Collide

Eruption - Tenses Collide

Eruption [Slovenia]
Tenses Collide
Full Length
Xtreem Music
Thrash Metal

Looking at the cover of Slovenian thrash metal band Eruption‘s sophomore album Tenses Collide had me chuckling a little. Tenses Collide could mean the collision of the past, present and future, but on first sight it made little sense. Then the artwork itself has a person face-palming himself, as though realising how ridiculous the title sounded like. But well, the music is the focus over here right?

The band fortunately throws a nice surprise to the listener with their Bay Area-styled thrash metal. The guys from Eruption may come from a region not known for its metal exports, but they certainly know their metal and their craft very well. The influences from classic Bay Area bands such as early MetallicaTestament and Exodus are immediately clear from the start, with the riffing style of guitarist Tim and Andrej being extremely reminiscent of what Gary Holt or Alex Skolnick would put out. The pace of the music of Eruption is extremely urgent, and this quickly gets the listener into a headbanging fit, complete with nice, catchy singalong sections on the album. Yet amidst all the aggression and intensity, the band displays a slight melodic side of their songwriting, most evident on the lead guitar works of the two axe-wielders, often helping to bring in a wider range of emotions into their music. The harmonised leads on songs like Celestial God also bring in some slight power metal sounds.

Vocalist Klemen also brings in quite a unique touch to the music, and while for the most part he utilises a vocal style that leans more to traditional heavy metal, throughout the album he displays his vocal range with rather unexpected, powerful shrieks piercing through the rest of the band. The usage of gang shouts on the album also makes the album all the more fun, and one often finds himself shouting along with the band on songs like Enter the Hive.

Longer songs on the album such as Last Transmission and Unparticled Matter display the band’s songwriting abilities, with these tracks being some of the more complex tracks on the album, yet managing to remain coherent and catchy as ever.

With the flawless execution of their music, it is bands like Eruption that display the extent of the spread of metal across the world. Tenses Collide may have left me laughing a bit at the start, but by the end of the album, one would definitely be left with a tense neck.

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