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Album Review: Christ Denied – Cancer Eradication

Christ Denied - Cancer Eratication

Christ Denied [Spain]
Cancer Eradication
Full Length
Xtreem Music
Death Metal

Ever since I chanced upon the excellent Rogga Johansson project Putrevore, I have been rather fascinated by the output of Xtreem Music mastermind Dave Rotten’s brutal choice and taste for music, and finding out that Christ Denied as another band that he is involved in definitely got me excited. With the band’s last full length album being all the way back in 1996, it leaves fans of Dave Rotten and the band craving for more new material, and this year the band returns with their brand new album, Cancer Eradication.

The album starts off with a cheesy and somewhat corny spoken intro, but as soon as the first riffs hit the listener, one instinctively knows that Christ Denied means business with the crushing intensity and dangerous attitude that the band exudes. Instrumentalist Roger Infected punishes the listener’s ear drums, with the heavy-as-fuck riffs being rather reminiscent of a cross between classics such as Suffocation and Devourment, with the generous usage of slam-styled, chugging riffs, yet given a nice raw and filthy touch of the Finnish or Swedish old school death metal tone. His wizardry on the bass also shines at times, inserting nice and somewhat quirky fills at times, though these moments are too few and could have possibly made the album even more brilliant. The drums on the album, while programmed manage to still sound rather organic and fit nicely into the mix, enhancing the brutality of the entire listening experience.

Yet amongst all the chaos, one thing that particularly stood out and was the personal attraction over here was Dave Rotten’s vocals. His low, gurgling style of growling and burping brings about some Finnish comparisons, not unlike what bands such as Demilich have come to be known for. At the same time, he does not simply stick to a single vocal stylistic as there are moments where he goes into slight grindcore territory with his squeals.

With everything that is going on in Christ Denied‘s latest effort, it is obvious that the band’s entire focus is on creating some of the most brutal and crushing music. Technicality is not a main focus here, but no matter, for with Cancer Eradication, the band has certainly managed to create one of the most crushing death metal releases of late.

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