Feb 28

Album Review: Sammath – Godless Arrogance


Sammath [Netherlands]
Godless Arrogance
Full Length
Hammerheart Records
Black Metal

Since their inception in 1994, Dutch black metallers Sammath have unleashed their fury upon black metal fans, with five full length albums under their belt now. Godless Arrogance is their latest effort, and their first release under Hammerheart Records, which has over the years put out numerous releases that can be considered classics.

The attack that Sammath engages in on Godless Arrogance is immediate, and without any warning at all, one is thrown into a myriad of aggressive riffs and blasting with Shot in Mass. One is quickly reminded of the more aggressive style of Swedish black metal bands such as Marduk over here, especially of their Panzer Division Marduk era. Chaos and destruction are key on Godless Arrogance, as the relentless and belligerent style of Sammath at times even brings in some semblance to war metal bands such as Revenge, with the sense of unease that the band manages to instil in the listener for the entirety of the album.

Yet there is some sense of melody on Godless Arrogance as well, with the rather subtle lead guitars that are buried beneath the chaotic rhythmic section providing some sense of normality (if black metal could be considered normal in any possible sense) and sanity to the listener. Longer tracks like Fear Upon Them, with that atmosphere present on the track even brings in some slight comparisons to Finnish bands such as Horna, though obviously Sammath makes things harder to swallow over here with their obsession with mayhem.

Sammath‘s latest effort is definitely not an easy album to digest, with the band indulging in putting out some of the ugliest black metal of late. Yet it is precisely this ugliness that sets Godless Arrogance apart from many other black metal releases of late, making Sammath‘s fifth full length album one that would stick to the minds of fans of chaotic, aggressive black metal.

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