Mar 22

Album Review: Brewed & Canned – Execute the Innocent

Brewed & Canned - Execute the Innocent

Brewed & Canned [Austria]
Execute the Innocent
Full Length
Blacksmith Records
Death Metal

With a name like Brewed & Canned, one would almost expect some form of drunken death or thrash metal like Abigail or one of those many sick and twisted Japanese bands. But the album artwork on the band’s debut Execute the Innocent, as well as the album title belies the band’s moniker, and instead promises some form of brutal, gory death metal instead.

And no, I’m certainly not complaining. Since forming all the way back in 1998, it has taken more than 15 years for Brewed & Canned to finally drop their debut album, and with such a long brewing time (pun intended), Execute the Innocent damn well be a decent death metal release at first.

Fortunately, the band doesn’t disappoint and the first sounds of Multiple Bone Injection immediately hits the listener hard like a freight train, and one is sent into brutal death metal heaven, with the technical yet crushing riffs of Michael and Philip, one is quickly reminded of bands such as Suffocation and Dying Fetus. But just before things escalate to become overly technical, Brewed & Canned brings in some balance with the simpler and straightforward songs that is just some good old brutality, and with the usage of the chaotic lead guitars the band also displays their Floridian influences of Cannibal Corpse, and that tinge of Morbid Angel. Songs like Harvest even provides fans of Swedish death metal a slight tease, at times sounding somewhat like Grave or Bloodbath.

The one thing that caught me right from the start was also how the bass of Will is also mixed extremely high on this album, and along with that stellar and stunning production quality on Execute the Innocent, it helps to provide much of that low-end growl, creating a full sounding record and one that is crushing as fuck.

Having already spent so much time working on this record (7 years since their last demo!), Brewed & Canned had damn well know their death metal and write some quality stuff, and Execute the Innocent is the result of the band’s long years of work.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Brewed & Canned on the internet:
Official website
Blacksmith Records

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