ABORTED Premier ‘Necro Manifesto’ Track

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ABORTED are premiering the first new song of their upcoming eighth studio album, The Necrotic Manifesto. If you’re in the mood for 2 minutes and 45 seconds of some pure, unbridled, gore-ridden necro-maniacal death metal, you may want to check out the album’s title track, ‘Necrotic Manifesto’, streaming below.

Singer Sven de Caluwé comments on the song: “Well, the day has finally come to unleash the first single of our new album The Necrotic Manifesto entitled ‘Necrotic Manifesto’. Surprise! Anyways we hope you enjoy the brutality as much as we did composing and recording this sucker. We couldn’t be more proud of this whole album and trust us this is just the beginning! You will all be able to hear this one live on our upcoming North American tour along a few other tracks. Pre-orders will be launched on Monday so keep your eyes open for some really special goodies!!! Grind!”

The Necrotic Manifesto will be released on April 28th (Europe) and April 29th (North America).

The Necrotic Manifesto tracklisting:

‘Six Feet Of Foreplay’
‘The Extirpation Agenda’
‘Necrotic Manifesto’
‘An Enumeration Of Cadavers’
‘Your Entitlement Means Nothing’
‘The Davidian Deceit’
‘Coffin Upon Coffin’
‘Chronicles Of Detruncation’
‘Sade & Libertine Lunacy’
‘Die Verzweiflung’
‘Excremental Veracity’
‘Purity Of Perversion’
‘Of Dead Skin & Decay’

‘Necro Manifesto’:

Aborted - The Necrotic Manifesto

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