Album Review: A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm – La came crude

A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm - La came crude

A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm [France]
La came crude
Full Length
Peccata Mundi Records
Sludge/Doom Metal

Even before listening to the band, A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm already caught my attention with it’s extremely long name, with their sophomore full length album La came crude being a single, epic 45-minute track. And before anyone begins to wonder, of course, A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm hails from France.

Almost expecting the band to play folk metal, I was pleasantly surprised when the album kicks off with a nice, doomish mood with high tension in the air, enshrouding the listener in complete darkness before giving some solace with a rather soothing atmosphere with the acoustic and melodic guitars that come in unexpectedly. The lone, woeful-sounding lead guitar at the backdrop starts giving off hints of Opeth, and even when the first riffs after that hit the listener, the heaviness still reminds one of the earlier works of the aforementioned.

But things are definitely more doomy over here as the band goes at a painfully slow pace, letting the heaviness and the discomfort really set in for the listener before speeding things up slightly. There is a whole range of emotions that one go through on La came crude, from the melancholy from the 9-minute mark that brings in some My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost moments, to the darkness of Black Sabbath, with that Children of the Grave-esuqe riffing on the 12-minute mark before going into full on grooviness of The Sword after that.

The amount of influences that the band has taken and put into La came crude is extensive. The progressive style that the band takes and combines with sludge metal and the groove of stoner metal at times remind one of Mastodon‘s works, and to a lesser extent, the brilliance of bands like The Sword. Some slight black metal elements could also be spotted in the middle of the album, with the furious trem-picking exhibited by Lundi and Gloria bringing in some Norwegian black metal references of Urgehal and Tsjuder, adding an even more unique flavour to their brand of sludge metal.

With La came crudeA Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm joins bands like Drawers and Huata in producing heavy and dark metal with their own unique twists, further enhancing the status of the French stoner/sludge scene with their crafts. While a 45-minute track may take lots of patience to sit through, La came crude is definitely one album that is rewarding as hell.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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