Album Review: Acid Witch/Nunslaughter – Spooky

Acid Witch - Nunslaughter - Spooky

Acid Witch/Nunslaughter [USA]
Hells Headbangers
Death/Doom Metal

In keeping up with the trend of horror and spookiness, this year sees the union of two of Hells Headbangers’ most evil bands, Acid Witch and Nunslaughter in a split 7″, simply entitled Spooky.

It has been a long while since I last listened to Acid Witch, so listening to Spooky was definitely a nice, nostalgic experience. They kick off with Evil, and the sound of the band is instantly recognisable, with their unique fusion of death metal and doom metal through that nice usage of the synths and organs to create a haunting and chilling backdrop for the slow, crushing riffs, sounding like a more ritualistic version of bands like Druid Lord.

Acid Witch then passes the baton to Nunslaughter, who hits the listeners with the more conventional death metal of Spooky TailsNunslaughter‘s similarities to bands such as Incantation are rather obvious, and on Spooky Tails, the band displays a somewhat slower side of their songwriting with that doomish influence that the band has put into the writing of the track. On the other hand, A Sordid Past sees Nunslaughter going back to business as usual as they suddenly go into high gear, with even a slight grindish touch of bands like Autopsy over here. Finally, Acid Witch closes the album with Fiends of Old, which is easily one of the heaviest tracks that the band has ever produced, with the rather groovy riffing adding a nice death ‘n’ roll touch not unlike that of Entombed or Feral. The spoken sample at the start of the track even gives a nice summary of the fear that the mainstream has for the metal genre, making it a fitting end to this split.

Spooky might be an extremely short release, but the effectiveness of the tracks over here by both Acid Witch and Nunslaughter is obvious, and the haunting effect will surely leave fans of horror coming back for more, with Spooky being a nice, suitable soundtrack for any b-grade horror movie.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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