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Across the Swarm - Across the Swarm

Across the Swarm [Italy]
Across the Swarm
Brutal Death Metal

On first look/listen, Italy’s Across the Swarm seems like another of those brutal death metal bands of late, with their eponymous debut EP featuring the usual gory and disturbing cover artwork, and even opening track Hang Out easily reminding one of their compatriots such as Hour of Penance, along with some semblance of bands such as Dying Fetus, fusing the heaviness and crushing riffs of Marco and Luca with that slight groove. You get the idea of how heavy this record is going to be.

Yet with Just Bodies, the real madness begins as one starts to hear the whole range of influences and elements that Across the Swarm has put into the writing of their debut release. There is that moment where some drum fills leads in to the next crushing segment, and one can’t help but think a bit of the tribal elements of bands like Sepultura. But the thing that is most impressive is the band’s ability to fuse elements of electronic music into their brutal death metal without sounding overly cheesy or off-putting, with each of the styles complementing each other to result in an interesting listening experience, such as the transition from electronic percussions to the blasting of Riccardo towards the end of Just Bodies. And also listen to Formless Wreck for another dosage of such ingenuity.

The production on Across the Swarm is, unsurprisingly, top-notch as these Italians ensure that everything on their debut EP is as perfect-sounding as possible. Every instrument rings out clearly and crystal clear, and Across the Swarm easily makes full use of the production to leave as deep an impact on the listener as possible.

Across the Swarm‘s debut is probably one of the more unexpected, yet exciting releases that I have heard so far this year, with Across the Swarm providing a fresh sound from the whole host of brutality I have been indulging myself in over the last few months.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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