Album Review: Adramelech – Psychostasia

Adramelech - Psychostasia

Adramelech [Finland]
1996/2014 (Reissue)
Full Length
Repulse Records/Xtreem Music(Reissue)
Death Metal

Adramelech was one of those names that I have heard being thrown around since my fascination with Finnish death metal began 2 years ago, and having encountered the likes of DemilichConvulse and Purtenance, it wasn’t until this year that I finally chance upon their debut, Psychostasia. Originally released in 1996, this year sees Xtreem Music reissuing their debut full length album, sure to please fans of the genre.

With the band often being compared to Demilich, it wasn’t until finally hearing Psychostasia for the first time that I truly understood what that meant. The opening riffs of Heroes in Godly Blaze quickly reminds one of the aforementioned, but that is not where the comparison ends, as Adramelech ensures a brutal listening experience with that grinding tone. The details on Psychostasia, down to the tone of the snare on the album are all extremely reminiscent of releases such as Nespithe, and it is no wonder that comparisons to Demilich are drawn. Even the rather complex lead guitar lines that are aplenty on the album sees such comparisons being brought about.

At the same time, the band also displays their similarity with other compatriots, most notably with bands such as Purtenance and Convulse, with the dense and dark atmosphere that is evoked on Psychostasia. This is all the more so with the inclusion of some of the more more melodic moments on tracks like The Book of the Worm, and although shows a slightly mellower side of the band, they manage to retain that haunting atmosphere.

With the quality of the material on Psychostasia, it is no wonder why Adramelech has come to be known along with the likes of ConvulseDemigod and Depravity as some of the classics of Finnish old school death metal.

The 2014 reissue by Xtreem Music sees the label including three live tracks as bonus tracks, and it is on these tracks where the band also shines, displaying their tightness playing as a unit, without compromising on the crushing intensity that is on their studio material.

Adramelech on the internet:
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