Album Review: Adrenechrome – Hideous Appetites

Adrenechrome - Hideous Appetites

Adrenechrome [Canada]
Hideous Appetites
Full Length
Thrash/Stoner Metal

For some reason Canadian thrash has been something that has been rather unheard of personally, and the few that I have encountered so far haven’t really left an impact deep enough to be memorable. Yet here we have Adrenechrome‘s debut full length release, Hideous Appetites, which sees the band promising a rather fun and fulfilling album of classic thrash with some progressive tendencies, leaving me rather curious as to what the band has put in place for the listener.

The band does not disappoint though, as album opener Titans Fall kicks off the madness with a rather punkish introduction to Adrenechrome‘s brand of music, soon kicking off into their thrash metal fare to the listener. The music here is extremely aggressive, with the thrashy elements being rather reminiscent to Metallica and Exodus, especially with the rather groovy style that the band can incorporate and go into at times. The riffs that are unleashed by guitarists Tim and Chris, backed by the rhythmic section of bassist Mike and drummer Matt result in a rather heavy record, and the band often goes into pure, traditional heavy metal segments without warning, displaying the traditional influences that have gone into their songwriting mix.

The progressive tendencies that have been promised are certainly present as well and easily recognisable throughout the album, most noticeably in the technicality and complexity of the music that Adrenechrome often indulges in throughout the album. Right from the start of the album, one is often introduced to odd time signatures, yet managing to remain constantly tight sounding. Furthermore, there are some minor sludge/stoner moments that can be noted as the album progresses, such as on Six Guns, which see the band take a slower turn, yet incorporate some punkish elements at the same time, such as the shouting style of vocalist Chris. The constantly heavy bass presence throughout the entirety of the album also gives the band’s music a nice groove. There are also various psychedelic moments on the album as well, like the guitar effects on the intro of The Horror. The recent interest in stoner and sludge certainly helps in making this album all the more appealing to me.

The instrumentation on the album is particularly noteworthy, with each of the band members being masters of their instruments. This is especially so considering the vast influences that have gone into the music of Adrenechrome on Hideous Appetites, displaying the versatility of each of the members. The band also ensures that the element of fun is not left out, and the banjos that appear when least expected definitely catches the listener by surprise, and though leaves the listener scratching his head, is a nice move by the band to keep the listener constantly engaged.

Too bad this album was only recently discovered. With the amount of surprises that Adrenechrome has put in place with Hideous Appetites, this album would have certainly made it to my personal best-of list for last year. Certainly an album to go to for a nice mash of thrash metal, stoner metal, sludge metal and that slight fun-seeking attitude amidst all the grotesque stuff on the album.

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