Album Review: Altar of Sin – Tales of Carnage First Class

Altar of Sin [Spain]
Tales of Carnage First Class
Full Length
Xtreem Music
Death/Thrash Metal

Altar of Sin has been a rather consistent band since their formation, steadily releasing material once every two years. The band this year releases their third full length album, entitled Tales of Carnage First Class, and despite the album artwork that suggests a full on old school, brutal death metal assault, Altar of Sin on this album has something more dynamic and more crushing in place for listeners.

Master Satan immediately provides a full on aural onslaught with the crushing tone of the guitars, though the extended play on the cymbals after those introductory riffs ended up rather redundant. But the way the band made use of it to cause the listener to let down his guard is certainly a smart move on the part of the band, as what comes next are some of the fastest and most furious guitar works that would instantly get a pit moving. Each of the band members on Tales of Carnage First Class are trigger happy, easily heard from the guitar works of Carlos and the relentless and non-stop blasting of Goyo that lasts for the most part of the album. Goyo’s work on the drums is particularly attractive and noteworthy on the album, at times being the instrument that provides all the force and energy in the music.

But not all is just brainless speed and wankery as the band takes some time to inject slower, mid-paced moments in the album, like on Wrapped in a Black Cloak, and it is moments like these that see the band displaying their heavier side. Vocalists Carlos and Goyo’s also display their wide influence in their vocals, ranging from grindcore-influenced screams and shouts to a more Martin van Drunen-influenced style. The grindcore style also helps to enhance the experience by adding on to the already overflowing energy that flows out of the album. Carlos’ lead guitar works at times also give some sense of variation in the music, melodic yet oddly haunting with the shrill guitar tone, though for the most part he chooses a chaotic, Kerry King-lead guitar style. Apart from the speed as well, the thrash metal side of the band can also be heard through the riffing styles on tracks like Tales of Carnage, reminiscent of bands like Slayer. Voodoo Hell (Blessed by the Devil) even brings about a slight Metallica sound at the slower segments, reminding listeners of their slower material like Fade to Black.

As if death metal weren’t heavy enough, and thrash metal weren’t fast enough, Altar of Sin pushes the limits of these two extreme genres with Tales of Carnage First Class, and the album promises to be one that is at once aggressive and intense yet entertaining at the same time, especially with their wide-ranging lyrical themes, including the sexual and depraved Extreme Perverts Fest.

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