Album Review: Amon – Liar in Wait

Amon - Liar in Wait

Amon [USA]
Liar in Wait
Full Length
FDA Rekotz
Death Metal

With the reactivation of the legendary death metal band Amon by the Hoffman brothers, Liar in Wait became one of the most anticipated death metal release in 2012, made all the sweeter with the seemingly declining quality of Deicide releases by now.

The Hoffman brothers show that their departure from Deicide has done nothing to stop them, and they have in fact come back stronger than before on their Amon debut. Right from the opening riffs of Among Us, the riffing style of the brothers are instantly recognisable. One can’t help but bring in comparisons to their former work at Deicide, along with other Floridian death metal legends such as Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse with the frantic, yet brutal riffs that are unleashed on this record.

At the same time though, the Hoffman brothers on Liar in Wait also experiment with their playing style, and the technicality and complexity that they exude sometimes are some of the more obvious aspects of this experimentation. The chaotic, yet somewhat melodic lead guitar lines that are often unleashed even bring to mind the works of Erik Rutan and Hate Eternal, fusing complexity and melody in their works. Songs like Eye of the Infinite for instance have extended solos for the Hoffman brothers to show off their chops.

Of course, the entire experience doesn’t solely revolve around the brothers, as drummer Mike contributes to much of the energy on the album with the relentless blasting. One also can’t help but draw comparisons between Jechael’s vocals and that of Benton’s, not only with the vocal quality but also in the way he spits out the lyrics with hate and in the way the vocals are layered on the record, especially on Lash Thy Tongue and Vomit Lies. The suitably raw production on the album also ensures that Amon retains that old school touch.

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