Album Review: Antichristian Kommando – Black Goat Rituals

Antichristian Kommando - Black Goat Rituals

Antichristian Kommando [Switzerland]
Black Goat Rituals
Full Length
Black Metal

A band with a name like Antichristian Kommando, and with a bestial/filthy Chris Moyen-inspired artwork as such, one would almost expect this Swiss black metal outfit’s debut album Black Goat Rituals to sound like Archgoat or Proclamation, with the belligerent war metal edge.

I will admit that this hope for war metal was present for the very first 2-3 seconds of Ritus Sanguis, with the extremely raw production and the relentless blasts of drummer Nocturnus Dominus that greets the listener, but soon enough one realises that the style here is a little bit more, shall I say, conventional? The riffs of Nocturnus Dominus (who handles all instruments), along with the vocals of Winter are all rather reminiscent of bands like Satanic Warmaster, especially Winter’s high pitched shrieky vocals that quickly brings to mind the style of Satanic Werwolf. Heck, even the slower tracks on the album like Ossuary Misery, with its repetitive riffs and the simplistic drumming bring to mind the more doomish and darker material of the aforementioned.

Apart from that, the usual influences from the early Norwegian black metal is also pretty obvious, with the coldness and the bleak atmosphere conjured and brought about by the riffs of Nocturnus Dominus at times bearing rather strong influence of bands like Gorgoroth or TsjuderChaos Legions of Hell and God Crushing Black ‘n’ Roll even bring about some slight thrash and punk edge, bringing bands like Urgehal or Endezma to mind, complete with crusty d-beats. The opening riffs of the former would have even easily fit on an 80s thrash record.

The thing that I appreciate about bands like Antichristian Kommando is the way the band prevents themselves from sounding too singular on a record, and on Black Goat Rituals, there is quite some variation in their songwriting. From more punk-fuelled tracks to doom-paced, ominous ones, the band ensures that one is constantly kept engaged and surprised.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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