Album Review: Arroganz – Tod Und Teufel

Arroganz - Tod & Teufel

Arroganz [Germany]
Tod Und Teufel
Full Length
FDA Rekotz
Death Metal

After last year’s kaos.kult.kreation, Germany’s Arroganz returns quickly this year with their third full length release, Tod und Teufel, following the path of evil and destruction that the band has set on since their inception in 2008. While kaos.kult.kreation was a good, if somewhat forgettable release, it leaves one wondering how things have changed in a short span of a year with Tod und Teufel.

Introductory track i.d.t.n. sets a sombre mood for Tod und Teufel, with the solitary lead guitar playing an almost mournful tune. Even as the intro gives way to One Death, the band keeps a rather doomish pace and tone to their music, quite a far cry from the high octane listening experience on kaos.kult.kreation. Yet along with the reduction of the tempo Arroganz has created a sound that is even more intense and heavier than before. Guitarist P has also inserted some blackened elements with the dissonance in his playing, and moments such as on One Death one is reminded of the crushing yet spine-chilling material of Polish hordes such as Behemoth and Azarath.

The black metal influences of the band extends to more than just the inclusion of a touch of two on certain tracks, as the band proudly displays their influences on their sleeves. The opening riffs of Arisen from Failure Perished as King could have easily sounded like a death metal tribute to Freezing Moon with the merciless aural assault presented by the band – from the trem-picking of P to the relentless punishing of the skins by T.

The whole range of sounds introduced by Arroganz over here is intriguing, and apart from the various black and death metal styles, songs like the title track Tod und Teufel, the band gives off a rather punkish vibe. Furthermore, songs like All Light is a Lie also show a more Swedish side of the band’s songwriting and playing, easily reminding one of works from Grave and the likes.

Along with a much aggressive and biting production quality, Tod und Teufel marks a remarkable growth of Arroganz, and is a thoroughly enjoyable record for fans of death metal.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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