Album Review: Badr Vogu – Exitium

Badr Vogu [USA]
Full Length
Memento Mori
Doom/Death Metal/Crust

Badr Vogu‘s debut full length album Exitium is quite an impressive slab of crust/doom metal I have to say, that perfect blend of the rawness of crust, the gloominess of doom metal and that aggression of death metal all coming together into one huge melting pot of 45 minutes of goodness.

And the band is pretty relentless in their execution, with sounds of feedback greeting the listener right from the beginning of Wolves in the Ruins instantly sending a feeling of impeding doom. The stoner/doomish mood leaves one almost expecting for a groovy journey not too different from the crushing music of bands like Church of Misery, but soon enough one realises that there is more than meets the eye in the music of Badr Vogu, as this is but the band’s slow build up to the climax. However, the band then surprises again with a rather calming section instead, before letting all hell break loose. The crushing riffs, the groovy bass and the gruff vocals all coalesce together to a dark, yet groovy and doomish form of death metal that reminds one of bands like Japan’s Coffins though there is certainly a  heavier focus on the doom aspects over here. Vocalist Sean is the most spectacular over here, commanding a heavy presence with the variation in the vocal styles that he presents, ranging from deep, death metal growls to screams and shouts of a madman, easily changing the entire mood and feel of the track with just a change in the execution of his vocals. The spoken samples that are included further brings about comparison to the aforementioned Church of Misery in helping to reinforce that malicious atmosphere in the music.

What also keeps the listener constantly entertained throughout is in the mastery that the band displays in their songwriting, with each of the tracks being perfectly crafted masterpieces in themselves. With most of the tracks being from the 6:30 range onwards, the band manages to ensure that the listener is kept enchanted, and the band does not dwell on a particular section for too long, with each track presenting emotions that range from calmness to total dementia. Furthermore, the band’s tightness is extremely evident, what with the odd tempos that are present on tracks like Soliloquy of Belligerence, yet each of the instruments staying in sync with each other, resulting in an even heavier impact. And it is also tracks like these that see the band go from a complete funeral march to punk-fuelled moments in a blink of an eye, yet without any hesitation or awkwardness, making Exitium an excellent debut release for Badr Vogu.

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Memento Mori

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