Album Review: Bestial Holocaust – Into the Goat Vulva

Bestial Holocaust [Bolivia]
Into the Goat Vulva
Full Length
Iron Bonehead Productions [LP]/ [CD/Digital]
Black/Thrash Metal

South America is a fertile land for all extreme metal bands that are barbaric and bestial, and Bestial Holocaust is no different. While their 2006 debut Final Extermination failed to really capture my attention, 2009’s Temple of Damnation completely changed that, with the energy in the music and the at-times Sabbat-inspired moments that were present on the album. So it is certainly a pleasant surprise to know that the band releases their brand new full length album, Into the Goat Vulva this year, and in true bestial fashion, the album artwork sticks to the theme album title as well.

The thing that really caught my attention on Temple of Damnation was vocalist Sonia Sepulchral’s ear-piercing shrieks that are littered throughout the album, and on Into the Goat Vulva, this is no different and helps to provide that sense of familiarity to fans of the band as well, on top of the thrashing black metal attack that is occurring at the same time. While the album starts off rather slowly with Dios Despiadado, the band soon goes into full speed, and instantly one is reminded of bands like Bestial Mockery, especially the riff work by guitarist Satanael, though Bestial Holocaust seems to have a darker and more sinister feel in their music, with most of the album being shrouded by a rather heavy atmosphere.

Sonia’s vocals as usual are stellar, and reminds one of Sabbat‘s Gezol, with the gruff growls and his trademark style of breaking into random high-pitched shrieks. The usage of Spanish lyrics also somehow make the songs sound even more barbaric and savage, adding to the overall charm to the album. Then there are the intentionally sloppy-sounding moments like on Virgin Lust that help to further emphasise the old-school black/thrash feel in the music as well. Hell, even the slower moments on Into the Goat Vulva are reminiscent of Sabbat‘s works before their latest album, and will certainly please fans of such black/thrash styles, with a tinge of death metal to it.

The production on Into the Goat Vulva is also rather different from past releases of the band, and though still raw in its quality, there is a heavier sound in the record, and various methods were used to bring out the aggressive face of the band, such as the usage of echoes on Sonia’s vocals.

On Into the Goat Vulva as well, the songwriting of the band has certainly matured, and songs on the album sound more coherent than what was present on previous albums that at times sounded like random songs written and slapped together and released as a full length album. Also, while previous albums sounded somewhat more light-hearted, Into the Goat Vulva reeks heavily of anger and hatred, and this is certainly a nice progression to hear in the band’s growth as well.

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