Album Review: Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution

Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution

Beyond Creation [Canada]
Earthborn Evolution
Full Length
Season of Mist
Technical Death Metal

We all have our different musical phases, and just as I was stepping out of the technical death metal phase and starting to rediscover Swedish death metal, Canadian technical death metal horde Beyond Creation drops their brand new full length album, Earthborn Evolution. Having already been impressed by their 2011 debut The Aura, there was no way I was gonna give this a miss, knowing the quality of music that the Canadian outfit was capable of writing and playing.

And indeed, right from opening track Elusive Psychological ReverenceBeyond Creation is relentless in delivering high quality technical/progressive death metal. The riffs unleashed by guitarists Simon and Kevin, along with that equally impressive basslines of Dominic quickly brings technical death metal stalwarts Necrophagist and Obscura to mind, with their ability to produce complex yet addictive material.

The progressive aspects are also shown as the album progresses, as Earthborn Evolution sees the band exploring different musical styles, ranging from that Cynic-y title track to the more jazz-fusion styled moments on Abstrait Dialog is rather reminiscent of what I have heard from Exivious. And it is bringing these elements together in a coherent and logical manner that makes Earthborn Evolution such a charm.

With the stellar production quality on Earthborn Evolution, the album also creates quite a nice, soothing atmosphere at times. Furthermore, that entire space-y feel that Beyond Creation emanates on Earthborn Evolution through their playing and the sound of the album at times also reminds one of compatriots Augury and their brand of celestial-themed death metal.

The fact that the entirety of Beyond Creation‘s sophomore doesn’t run for more than 50 minutes adds to the sweetness, preventing the album from being overly mechanical and overstaying its welcome.

[xrr rating =4.5/5]

Beyond Creation on the internet:
Season of Mist

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