Album Review: Beyond Mortal Dreams – Lamia

Beyond Mortal Dreams - Lamia

Beyond Mortal Dreams [Australia]
Lavadome Productions
Death Metal

Aussies Beyond Mortal Dreams left me extremely impressed with their 2012 EP, Dreaming Death, and this year’s release Lamia got me rather excited, ready for even more heavy death metal goodness after the extremely short 4 tracks on Dreaming Death. While hardly a full length or nearly as close to Dreaming Death is in terms of length, Lamia still promises a bludgeoning experience on the listener.

Those already familiar with Beyond Mortal Dreams would know what to expect, and the grinding, driving riffs that Bloodspawn and Doomsayer present right from the start of the title track quickly brings to mind the dark and heavy style of death merchants Incantation and Immolation, or closer to home, Ignivomous. Yet there is that deep sense of unease that is created by the band, aided by the relentless vocal attack of Doomsayer that brings in some Mitochondrion or later-Morbid Angel similarities as well, in particular the fusion of the heavy rhythms at the background and the chaotic and almost formless leads.

The filthy production on Lamia also helps in sending Beyond Mortal Dreams‘ message of doom and destruction across to the listener, and there are moments where one draws similarities to bands such as Grave Miasma in the ominous and abrasive backdrop created by the band. While Lamia lasts for barely 9 minutes, one can’t help but feel the impending doom throughout the entirety of Lamia.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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