Album Review: Birth A.D. – Stillbirth of a Nation

Birth A.D. [USA]
Stillbirth of a Nation
Thrash Metal/Crossover

10 songs and 20 minutes is all it takes for Birth A.D. to make their stand, with their debut EP Stillbirth of a Nation. Comprising of former members of such bands as Krieg and Incantatio, one can be sure that this will be one hell of a ride, with no compromise on the ability on the individual instruments.

With the sound of a phone ringing in the background, the band starts their onslaught with the punk-ish riffs and vocalist Jeff Tandy’s punk-styled vocals, a half shout/half spoken style spitting out the lyrics, advocating Equal Opportunity before ending the song as suddenly as it started, with the same ringing of the phone in the background. The raw energy and the aggression is shown through the excellent execution of the individual instruments. While nothing particularly technical, drummer Mark Perry alternates between punk beats with thrash metal beats and blast beats, combined with the simple riffing of Brian Morrison, causing the music to reek of infectious energy. The simple riffing does not mean that the songwriting is compromised as Birth A.D. writes infectious and anthemic choruses on songs such as Bring Back the Draft. On Cause Problems the band also makes use of a 911 call and the sound of police sirens in the background to emphasise the chaotic mood of the song and lyrics, and the surprisingly catchy tune is a suitable song to mosh and vent out aggression to. Add to this the muddy and raw production quality, fitting for such high energy music.

Of course, the songs all mean nothing except good fun crossover/thrash metal to those who do not bother finding out the meanings behind the songs, yet Birth A.D. has simple and straightforward messages to send across through the lyrics of the songs. Songs like Failed State with the 2 repeated lines display the band’s disgruntled view of the current state of affairs, while Kill Everybody display the sheer aggression and unhappiness with the stupid people who are taking up unnecessary space in this world – the perfect soundtrack for walking behind people who love walking at an extremely slow pace (Too many people in the world today, Fat and stupid and they get in the way!). And of course there are the more politically sensitive and “threatening” lyrics, on the cover song Blow up the Embassy, to show that their hatred for mankind is not directed to anyone in particular, but to the world in general.

Certainly a fun record to mosh to, especially for fans of hardcore punk/crossover/thrash metal genres.

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