Album Review: Black Jesus – Everything Black Everything Dead

Black Jesus - Everything Black Everything Dead

Black Jesus [Australia]
Everything Black Everything Dead
Full Length
Grindhead Records
Black/Death Metal

Australian black/death metal horde Black Jesus can’t hide their disdain for religion in a more subtle manner, and all the more so with their debut full length album, Everything Black Everything Dead. Of course, black could refer to more than just a colour, but refer to the putrid stench of death, which is nicely displayed visually on the captivating artwork on Everything Black Everything Dead.

One almost expects a brand of death metal that is rather similar to the more chaotic style of bands like Profanatica or Prosanctus Inferi with the first impression that Black Jesus gives off so far, and he wouldn’t be too far off. Right from the title track, one is reminded of the style that bands such as Nunslaughter and the more recent Gravehill have presented, even down the gruff, barbaric growls of Adrian, who especially bears rather striking similarity to Mike Abominator of the aforementioned. The riffs of Adrian and Mike, along with that frantic pace that Greg lays down for the band also puts some thrashy element into their music, with that overall old school vibe bringing some slight Venom reminders even.

Speaking of the old school, elements from the various forefathers of extreme metal could be spotted throughout, and even that slightly doomish (though few and rare on an album as fast-paced and energy as such) segment that Black Jesus introduces in the middle of the album brings in some Celtic Frost, with the riffs and that ominous atmosphere conjured reminding one of classics like Dethroned Emperor.

Despite being 2014, the production here still reeks of the 1980s, and is nothing but fitting to the style of music performed by Black Jesus. The entire energetic vibe that the band unleashes on their debut full length is certainly infectious, without overly-focussing on sounding evil. And it is precisely this that makes this Aussie outfit one that I will definitely look out for in the future.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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