Album Review: Bombs of Hades – Carnivores

Bombs of Hades - Carnivore

Bombs of Hades [Sweden]
2008/2013 (reissue)
Blood Harvest
Death Metal

Bombs of Hades‘ third full length effort last year The Serpent’s Redemption was certainly one of my favourite new Swedish death metal releases of the year, with the band managing to infuse that heavy punkish vibe into their music resulting in a high energy, high octane release. This year, Blood Harvest reissues the band’s first ever EP release, Carnivores, and from here one finally gets to listen to some of the earliest materials recorded by the band.

Half expecting a full-on crusty attack, Bombs of Hades‘ first EP indeed surprised me, with opening track Necronomicus Kanth (The Hounds of Hell) kicking off with a piano instead of the gritty guitars, but just as one thinks that this is gonna be different from the style that the band has come to be known for, the first riffs of Soderback and Stalhammer hit the listener hard. Instead of the full on punkish and speed attack that the band presented on The Serpent’s Redemption, the band slowly warms things up, though there is not a single moment where one is really at ease with the hostile atmosphere that the band manages to set up.

Things really go into a high gear as soon as Twisted Decay kicks off, and that familiar d-beat attack quickly hits the listener without any mercy. Everything that the band does on Carnivores all reek of the classic Swedish death metal influence and hit home with the old school Swedish death metal fan, reminding one of the early days of Entombed and Grave, though with a much stronger punk vibe here in the veins of bands like Bastard Priest. Furthermore, each of the tracks are short and prevent overstaying their welcome, resulting in a release that is a mere 14-minute short, short and sweet.

Obviously, over the years and with releases like The Serpent’s Redemption, things have not slowed down for Bombs of Hades at all, and the band is indeed a rising force in old school Swedish death metal to look out for.

Bombs of Hades on the internet:
Official website
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