Album Review: Broozer – 12.04.12

Broozer - 12.04.12

Broozer [Australia]
Full Length
Grindhead Records
Sludge Metal

I half-expected an amateur-sounding brutal death metal band when looking at the gory, gruesome artwork on Broozer‘s debut full lenth, 12.04.12. But this Australian outfit’s musical style can’t be further from this initial expectation of mine.

Instead, Broozer‘s 12.04.12 is 34 minutes of catchy, groovy sludge metal. Kicking off with Feeder, the band hits the listener without any mercy, with the crushing riffs of Bruce, backed by that heavy, low-end bass of Retch Bile, who also spits forth his vocals with hate and anger. Drummer Dario is also extremely adept, switching between playing styles with ease, fitting to the current mood of the music at any point in time. For instance, while Feeder see some of his more simplistic style of drumming, with that raw, somewhat punkish energy, heavier and doomier tracks like Sanctuary see him adding in rather nice fills.

Tracks such as Sanctuary, with the initial doom pace and that punishing, downtuned riffage of Bruce and that slight groove that is infused into the band’s onslaught even bring about some nice Church of Misery comparisons, though obviously things here are, sludgier, than what would expect of a stoner release. And it is precisely the whole range of sounds that the band has put in, and the weird-fuckery that tends to go on at times that messes with the minds of listeners, yet being able to maintain that sense of sanity and coherence, like on Bland, that brings about comparisons to masterpieces such as the earlier works of Mastodon.

12.04.12 has shown what these Aussies are capable of, and it is nothing short of pure enjoyment and entertainment. Word is that Broozer are about to start recording the follow up to this album, and this has left me rather excited to say the least.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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