Album Review: Burial Hordes – Incendium

Burial Hordes - Incedium

Burial Hordes [Greece]
Full Length
Hellthrasher Productions
Black Metal

After the last two high octane releases from Burial Hordes, one would almost expect something similar to come out from this Hellenic outfit on their third full length release, Incendium. Proving many otherwise, Burial Hordes surprises many followers of the band with a rather starkly different sounding record with Incendium.

Followers listening to Incendium for the first time may be forgiven for mistaking this band for another, as opening track Unleash Havoc quickly displays the band’s alteration in their sound, and the dissonant riffs that are aplenty on the introductory moments of the album and the tone of the guitars of Psychaos and Necro immediately reminds one of the unique French style of bands like Deathspell Omega. The dissonance on tracks like these certainly help in reinforcing the dark and rather oppressive atmosphere that Burial Hordes has attempted to evoke throughout the album.

Also, gone are the days of the thrashy black metal with that punkish vibe that Burial Hordes crafted on their first two albums, and the Norwegian undertones of Urgehal and Endezzma. On Incendium, there is a marked increase in the darkness that one feels, with the somewhat slower progression of the tracks and the vocal execution of Cthonos, who utilises a growl that is more reminiscent of death metal instead of the higher pitched vocals on past offerings of the bands, and these often remind one of the newer, and slower material of bands like Marduk. Furthermore, slower moments on songs like Horns of Consecration even rouse some rather desperate emotions in the listener, and one can’t help but think of bands such as Gorgoroth as well. The trem-picked riffs that lie beneath the chaos are also rather reminiscent of the earlier works of bands like Watain.

While Incendium has been an extremely different release from Burial Hordes‘ previous two outputs, it has been a rather enjoyable effort, and nicely displays the different side of the band’s musical style.

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