Album Review: Cemetery Fog – Shadows from the Cemetery

Cemetery Fog - Shadows from the Cemetery

Cemetery Fog [Finland]
Shadows from the Cemetery
Iron Bonehead Productions
Death/Doom Metal

With the run of classic old school Finnish death metal bands of late, I almost expected Cemetery Fog to be yet another Convulse or Purtenance. But with their third demo in a year, Shadows from the Cemetery, the band quickly proves that they are an animal of a different breed indeed.

For one, the doom overtones are obvious right from the start of the demo, with Into the Beyond setting an ominous mood for the listener. The riffs of J. Filppu, along with the drums of V. Kettunen trudge along slowly, and one can almost feel the impending death that is to befall the listener. But the band quickly speeds things up, and the slight d-beat that Kettunen includes teases the listener with that slight hope of an old school Swedish/Finnish style, along with that Incantation vibe. The filthy atmosphere that the band manages to evoke throughout the demo also helps to bring about some comparisons to Grave Miasma, with the trem-picked riffs of Filppu.

For the most part of Shadows from the Cemetery though, things are dark and gloomy, with little respite or silver lining for the listener. The death/doom style that Cemetery Fog engages in at times even reminds one of the earlier works of bands such as Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride. The painfully slow pace that the band goes at for most of the release make it such that even the faster sections feel like a nice break from the intense, and soul-crushing death/doom of the band.

Along with the tortured vocals of Filppu, the entire listening experience of Shadows from the Cemetery is even more depressive than ever, leaving the listener feeling nothing but desolation, but making this a release that will not be forgotten any time soon.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Cemetery Fog on the internet:
Iron Bonehead Productions


  1. should have given a rating man ! would be easier to analyze.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, we have implemented a new feature and will be providing ratings in all future review!

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