Album Review: Chaos Invocation – Black Mirror Hours

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Chaos Invocation [Germany]
Black Mirror Hours
Full Length
World Terror Committee
Black Metal

Coming back this year after 3 years of silence, Germany’s Chaos Invocation once again presents their brand of black metal extremity with their sophomore full length album, Black Mirror Hours under World Terror Committee, the same label that has brought to black metal fanatics releases of bands like Horna and Tortorum.

Despite Chaos Invocation‘s Germanic origins though, on Black Mirror Hours the band presents a sound that leans closer to their Swedish counterparts. As soon as the album begins proper with Delirium Worship and Total Abandon, one is reminded of bands such as Watain and Acrimonious, with that rather strong heavy metal element that the band has included in their music, though the band certainly keeps the black metal edge in their music. For the most part of the album, the experience is fast and intense, made by the aggressive riffs of guitarist A. and that blistering speed of drummer T. The melodic lead guitars that are often present help to bring about comparisons to Watain, helping to balance the aggression with some melancholic moments at the same time. Just listen to the numerous guitar solos that are littered throughout the album, and also the clever usage of the clean guitars, easily comparable to Lawless Darkness. Vocalist M. helps to reinforce that resemblance to  Watain with his savage growls bearing quite a strong resemblance to the aforementioned E’s.

The combination of the melodic lines, the aggressive rhythm section and the atmosphere in the music results in Black Mirror Hours having quite an epic sound, and one easily gets lost in the soundscape that the band has created, with the myriad of emotions that is contained within the hour or so of the album. The melodic aspects of the album also ensure that Black Mirror Hours is an, ironically, beautiful album despite the negativity that is present all around.

Unfortunately, Black Mirror Hours suffer the same downfall as Lawless Darkness, in that it goes on for way longer than necessary. The tracks on the album are all rather long, with at least 5 tracks dragging on for more than 6 minutes long, and as the album progresses one begins to feel more and more worn out. The spoken portions that are included on songs like Hypertoxication also ended up causing the album to sound rather cheesy, disrupting the momentum that the band has built up so far. Despite so, Black Mirror Hours is still a pretty decent record, and fans of the more melodic form of black metal would probably appreciate this release.

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