Album Review: Cinis – Subterranean Antiquity

Cinis - Subterranean Antiquity

Cinis [Poland]
Subterranean Antiquity
Full Length
Old Temple
Death Metal

The year 2014 has been quite a successful one for Polish death metal, what with the return of black/death metal greats Behemoth with one of my favourite releases from them yet, as well as Vader‘s kickass Tibi et Igni. While the high quality releases have given one confidence in Polish death metal, it comes with the corresponding level of expectation when presented with another Polish releases. After 6 years of silence, death horde Cinis returns with their sophomore full length album, Subterranean Antiquity.

The Eastern vibe emanated at the start of the album with The Edifice Crashes leads one to think that this would be yet another one of those Orphaned Land releases, as one feels as though one were walking through the aisles in the Middle-East. But things escalate quickly as soon as The First Manifesto begins, burying the listener in a relentless wall of sound as the band assaults the listener aurally without mercy. The thrashy edge that guitarists Lukasz and Iwan put into their playing immediately reminds one of the works of bands such as Nervecell, with the similarities being strengthened through their unabashed inclusion of Eastern influences, such as the scales used in their lead playing. The Nile comparisons also come in over here, with the usage of such influences and the ability to retain the technical flair throughout the record.

At the same time, the band retains their Polish roots, with their musical style leaning more towards the Vader-end of the spectrum. This especially so with vocalist Kret, who bears a striking resemblance to Peter. The more technical and complex moments on the album even see the band reminding one of the intensity of Decapitated, such as on Fully Ossified. Drummer Konrad has his field day as well, with tracks like Vile Angel seeing him having fun behind the kit, commanding the flow of the track.

Top that off with an excellent production, Cinis‘ Subterranean Antiquity is one hell of an impactful, crushing Polish death metal release.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Favourite picks: Vile Angel

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Old Temple

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