Album Review: Coffinborn – Beneath the Cemetery

Coffinborn - Beneath the Cemetery

Conffinborn [Hungary]
Beneath the Cemetery
Xtreem Music
Death Metal

Featuring members of such bands as Morbid Carnage and GravecrusherCoffinborn is one of the latest Hungarian death metal exports, and this year sees the release of their debut dosage of filthiness under Xtreem Music. With myself being very much a fan of Morbid Carnage‘s addictive and energetic style of thrash metal, it left me with rather high hopes of their death metal project, and looking at the rather enchanting artwork, one instinctively knows what is in place for them on this short 4-track EP.

The first riffs of Churchburner and Disguster leaves one in eager anticipation, and as soon as the first hit on the skins by Blasphemy, all hell break loose and one is thrown into a wall of noise, a style that is rather reminiscent of such bands as Rottrevore and Putrevore in the relentless aggression that is presented by the band, along with the rather abrasive tone of the guitars. It certainly helps that Blasphemy’s drumming often alternates between your usual blasting style and one that is more simplistic and d-beat driven, helping to give the music of Coffinborn a rather Swedish death ‘n’ roll feel, and an early-Autopsy reminder at times. The groove on title track Beneath the Cemetery provides a nice opportunity to start a pit and just mosh the fuck out.

That said, the band does not just indulge in mindless speed and chaos, as tracks such as Putrid Stench of Death puts in a slightly doomish element into their songwriting. As though the style of death metal that Coffinborn plays in weren’t filthy and disgusting enough, the slow pace that the band goes at on this track leaves one feeling rather disturbed and unsettled, reminding one of the works of bands like Asphyx or later Grave material.

Coffinborn‘s debut is a nice compilation of the various old school death metal genres that we have come to love and revere over the years, and while in recent times such similar-sounding releases have been common, Coffinborn‘s onslaught manages to leave one constantly at the edge of his seat, awaiting the next round of aural abuse.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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