Album Review: Coffins – Colossal Hole

Coffins - Colossal Hole

Coffins [Japan]
Colossal Hole
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Death/Doom Metal

Ever since my exposure to 2008’s Buried Death, I’ve been rather fascinated with Japanese death/doom horde Coffins. Unfortunately the band then made fans wait for quite awhile before the promise of another full length album. This year the band finally releases their full length follow up to Buried Death, with The Fleshland. But prior to the release, Horror Pain Gore Death Production has decided to tease us with a three-track demo, Colossal Hole, containing pre-production demo versions of three of the tracks that would be on The Fleshland.

As with releases such as these, anticipation and expectations are rather high so when the first sounds of Colossal Hole hit the listener’s ears, it is instant eargasmic bliss. I am quickly reminded of the reasons that Coffins was such an attractive entity to me, with the fusion of crushing heaviness yet with that touch of grooviness. But what really surprised me was the discovery of the heavy old school Swedish death metal influence that the band has had in their music, and this is rather obvious right from the start with Hellbringer, reminding one of bands such as Grave, with the heavier and more crushing moments being rather reminiscent of Autopsy as well. The starting moments of No Saviour even brings about some Bloodbath comparisons, though Coffins takes things a notch heavier in their onslaught.

While the downtuned guitars of Uchino and the deep, guttural growls of Ryo provide much of the crushing intensity, the alternating between blasting death metal segments and more d-beat, punk-driven style of drumming certainly adds to the overall charm of Coffins‘ music with the raw energy that is bursting out of drummer Satoshi.

The production of Colossal Hole is understandably (and obviously) very raw, yet this helps to enhance the experience as well. If the pre-production demo versions of these songs can be so impressive, one can only imagine what to expect on the actual release on The Fleshland itself.

Coffins on the internet:
Official website
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

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