Album Review: Cognizance – Inquisition

Cognizance - Inquisition

Cognizance [UK]
Lacerated Enemy Records
Technical Death Metal

UK technical death metal outfit Cognizance may effectively be just a duo behind the band, but on their debut EP Inquisition the band has a whole host of guest musicians to make their first release one that is equally skull-crushingly brutal and technical.

Right from the start of the album with Clones of the Night Sky, the band quickly dishes out their brand of technical death metal, and the complex rhythmic section at the background quickly reminds one of the style that bands such as NecrophagistDecrepit Birth and Spawn of Possession pioneered and popularised. Guest musicians from other bands such as Fallujah and The Faceless contribute to the overall aural onslaught of Cognizance, and for fans of the aforementioned, Inquisition would certainly be an album that would please. This especially so by the drumming provided by Alex Rudinger, who currently plays in The Faceless, adding much energy to the band’s music with his relentless blasting and the ease with which he handles complex segments.

Throughout the album, there are also some slight deathcore elements, but with the technicality that is already aplenty on Inquisition, these add a nice touch to Cognizance‘s sound, adding that tinge of brutality and heaviness for a more well-rounded listening experience.

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