Album Review: Colosso – Thallium

Colosso - Thallium

Colosso [Portugal]
Technical Death Metal

Portuguese death metal band Colosso left me rather impressed with their debut album Abrasive Peace back in 2012, and one short year later the band returns with an updated lineup with their new EP, Thallium.

As promised by band mastermind Max Tome, Colosso goes to prove their attempts at creating more experimental and technical music with Thallium, and this is obvious right from the start of the album with Quadrangular and Orthogonal Path, which show the band engaging in a myriad of complex riffs, complete with the odd time signature shifts. The djent elements that Colosso had on Abrasive Peace that could get rather reminiscent of Meshuggah are still present, but there is a lot more going on over here compared to before.

The band even includes some rather jazzy moments on the album, and reminding listeners of the works of Atheist, and also the later works of bands such as Exivious and the likes, a nice touch to the whole host of sounds that are already being presented by the band on Thallium. Having sudden shifts from the aggression on Orthogonal Path to the calming soundscape of Prime also allows for the band to display their versatility, not only in terms of songwriting but also in their playing styles.

For the most part, Thallium is an instrumental effort, with only the first moments of lyrical inclusion coming in on the fourth track, Ecosystem. With the recent release of bands like Exivious, Colosso‘s latest effort will definitely be a pleaser of fans of instrumental/progressive death metal.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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