Album Review: Contaminated – Pestilential Decay

Contaminated - Pestilential Decay

Contaminated [Australia]
Pestilential Decay
Crawling Chaos Productions
Death Metal

From the land that brought to death metal fanatics bands such as IgnivomousImpious Baptism and the likes spits forth yet another filthy, cavernous death metal act in the form of Contaminated. With only a sole member behind the band, Contaminated this year unleashes their very first dosage of terror upon mankind with Pestilential Decay.

The darkness consumes the listener right from the get-go, as Contaminated wastes little time and the first dark and savage riff of Untold Depths hits the listener without any mercy. From the start, the Incantation influences are extremely obvious, what with the heavily trem-picked riffs that are aplenty on Pestilential Decay, to the darkness and sense of impending doom that lasts the entirety of the release. At the same time, there is that buzzsaw tone on the guitar that ensures that the listening experience of Contaminated is as abrasive and uneasy for the listener as possible, and this brings about some old school Finnish death metal comparisons, such as Abhorrence or even Archgoat with the doom pace that the band includes on the release, as well as that slight sense of ritualism. The filthy backdrop that the band maintains even reminds one of the output of bands such as Grave Miasma.

With Pestilential Decay being a demo, one should not expect too much out of the production quality, and sure enough Pestilential Decay is a murky and muddy listening experience. The production is raw as fuck, with each track sounding rather different from each other, resulting in a rather inconsistent sounding release. But this is about the only gripe that I have with Pestilential Decay, and while this demo may be far from perfect, it gives a glimpse into the twisted mind of band mastermind L.M., and leaves one eagerly awaiting the next release of Contaminated.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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