Album Review: Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds

Corpsessed - Abysmal Thresholds

Corpsessed [Finland]
Abysmal Thresholds
Full Length
Dark Descent Records
Death Metal

Even though old school Finnish death metal wasn’t my poison of choice until rather recently with the return of bands such as Convulse and PurtenanceCorpsessed managed to capture my attention back in 2011 with their debut release, The Dagger & The Chalice. Losing touch and pushing the band to the back of my mind, I was certainly surprised when the band finally released their debut full length album this year in the form of Abysmal Thresholds.

The growth and progression of the band since their very first recordings are obvious right from the first riffs of Of Desolation, crashing in after the introductory track that sets a filthy and haunting atmosphere for Abysmal Thresholds. As would be expected from a band out of this region, one is treated to a nice dosage of classic old school Finnish death metal. The heavily trem-picked riffs of guitarists Jyri and Matti, along with the crushing intensity that one feels on the record easily reminds one of classics such as Incantation, especially with the alternating between blistering fast and painfully slow moments, which could be rather reminiscent of compatriots Desecresy or Slugathor.

Of course, there is that abrasive tone that is preferred by the band as well that is not unlike that of the old school Swedish style, with a filthy atmosphere to match, with moments that sound like Grave Miasma with that strong Incantation vibe, or other newer Finnish bands such as Vorum. The technicality that the band tends to display and the chaos on tracks such as Trepanation also brings one back to the early 90s with the likes of Demilich.

As with most other classic Finnish releases, the heavy atmosphere is constantly kept up as well, and this is apart from the heavy instrumentation that is on the record, but also through the suitable insertion of slower, intense passages as well. Longer tracks such as Necrosophic Channeling are good examples with the numerous passages on the track and inclusion of sounds such as the tolling of the bell.

While last year’s release by Purtenance left me extremely satisfied, Convulse‘s new release seemed to pale in comparison. But with newer bands such as Corpsessed playing their craft in such similar veins with that same aggressive vibe, fans of the old guards of Finnish death metal can be assured that their appetite for intense, crushing death metal can be sated.

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