Album Review: Creinium – Project Utopia

Creinium - Project Utopia

Creinium [Finland]
Project Utopia
Inverse Records
Technical Melodic Death Metal

Having already been pampered by so many other impressive death metal artworks this year so far, Finnish technical death metal band Creinium‘s Project Utopia‘s cover looked rather… Amateurish. But as they always say, do not judge a book by its cover, and indeed, looking past the cover artwork and the visual aesthetics of this Finnish outfit, one will soon discover that the real gem is hidden in the musical output of the band.

The band creates a rather epic soundscape with opening track Societal Collapse, with that dramatic ambient synths conjuring that apocalyptic imagery in the listener’s minds, before letting some industrial beats and elements coming into the picture. With such strong synths, backed by electronic elements, one would already have an inkling of the style of Creinium, and the band certainly does not disappoint. As soon as the first riffs of Project Utopia hits the listener’s ears, one is quickly reminded of the style of bands such as The Monolith Deathcult or Septicflesh, with their brand of aggressive death metal backed by a symphonic backdrop, leaving a deep impact on the listener.

Rather than going all out on their speed and aggression, what makes Project Utopia such an impressionable record is the way the tracks are written, and despite this being a short 5 track EP, Creinium makes full use of every second on the record. The band cleverly includes and utilises slower moments on the album to build up the climax and the tension in the air that the listener feels, and these are often accompanied by nice, melodic leads by guitarist Tone and Mikko, along with the synths at the back creating the ominous mood.

There is so much going on in just 30 minutes on Creinium‘s new EP that after numerous listens, one still continuously finds new things that further enrich the experience. Definitely one of the bands to look out for.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


Creinium on the internet:
Official website
Inverse Records

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