Album Review: Crucifyre – Black Magic Fire

Crucifyre - Black Magic Fire

Crucifyre [Sweden]
Black Magic Fire
Full Length
Pulverised Records
Death Metal

For whatever reason, Crucifyre‘s debut album Infernal Earthly Divine in 2010 failed to interest me, being overly cheesy and perhaps myself being unable to appreciate the rawness and primitiveness that is abundant on the release. Anyhow, fast forward 4 years later, the Swedish death horde returns stronger than ever with their follow up, Black Magic Fire, displaying the band’s growth over the four rather silent years and immediately impressing from start to end.

Album opener Apocalypse Whore starts off rather ominously, with that doomish introduction to the listener setting a disturbing mood, but quickly enough Crucifyre presents their full on aural assault. The riffs of TG and Urban Skytt easily brings in some nice, old-school Swedish death metal flavour, and one quickly realises how much of a thrash maniac the band is, with the urgent pace that is set by drummer Yasin and the frantic leads that are strewn all over the record. The fusion of death and thrash metal in the playing of the band quickly reminds one of bands such as Gravehill, or Nunslaughter‘s recent onslaughts, especially on songs like the title track Black Magic Fire with Erik’s gruff vocals giving it an especially barbaric touch.

A band like Crucifyre and an album with a title like Black Magic Fire wouldn’t be right without any black metal references or influences, and as the album progresses, one notices that the band has indeed managed to infuse elements of black metal, resulting in an album that is more dynamic and fun compared to their previous release. They also do not shy away from using slower moments, and tracks like Pentagram Palms and Funeral Pyre manage to evoke a rather ritualistic feel, further reinforcing the themes of anti-religiosity in their music.

With Black Magic FireCrucifyre has proven that they are all about the old school and recklessness, and while some might be put off by the rather primitive songwriting and playing compared to the more modern releases, the whole charm of the band lies precisely in this attitude of the band. As the band had aptly put it in their previous release, if you don’t like this release, then, “Fuck you! Hail Satan!”

[xrr rating=4/5]

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