Album Review: Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden

Crypt Sermon - Out of the Garden

Crypt Sermon [USA]
Out of the Garden
Full Length
Dark Descent Records
Doom Metal

After the old school heavy/doom metal revival that seems to be hitting hard in Sweden, it seems that the Americans are now on board as well, kicking off the year with Crypt Sermon‘s debut full length album, Out of the Garden. Comprising members from black metal bands such as Ashencult and Labyrinthine, as well as thrash outfit Trenchrot, one wonders if these influences are gonna seep into the material of Crypt Sermon, and what Out of the Garden is gonna sound like.

Scenes from an abandoned temple greet the listener with Temple Doors, yet one almost experiences some kind of calm with that almost soothing atmosphere conjured by the band. But things get real heavy soon enough, with the doom-drenched riffs that greet the listener quickly bringing one back to the early days of doom metal. The riffs of James and Steve create an ominous, broody mood, and is unlike the high octane style that they are probably accustomed to playing, backed by the hard-hitting battery of EES. Along with that soaring, yet slightly gruff vocals of Brooks, one can’t help but bring about comparisons with epic doomsters Candlemass.

At the same time, Crypt Sermon does not neglect paying homage to the grand-daddies of doom, Black Sabbath. Despite the vocal style of EES bearing stronger resemblance to Dio, the way he drags out parts of the lyrics (and that “fool, fool” on Temple Doors), guitarists James and Steve display their Tony Iommi influences, particularly in the more bluesy leads that are heavily present throughout the record. And further sticking to their old school creed, Crypt Sermon shows some slight Bathory influences as well on Into the Holy of Holies with that epic, viking-styled intro to the track.

Linking back to the sound that the members originate from, one can discern some blackened edge throughout the album as well, like the dissonant riffs on Heavy RidersByzantium even sounds like what could be a start of a depressive black metal track, making Out of the Garden even darker, and more disturbing.

Dark Descent seems to be on a doom metal roll what with the excellent Anguish releases, and Crypt Sermon is certainly a worthy addition to the roster. The band plays doom as though they were a British band in the 70s/80s, and fans of old school will surely fall in love with Out of the Garden.

[xrr rating=5/5]

Favourite picks: Into the Holy of Holies

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