Album Review: Demoncy – Enthroned is the Night

Demoncy - Enthroned is the Night

Demoncy [USA]
Enthroned is the Night
Full Length
Forever Plagued Records
Black Metal

Demoncy is the brainchild of Ixithra, largely considered one of the most veteran musicians in the underground black metal scene, having been involved in bands such as Profanatica and Incursus, among a long list of bands that have become cult classics. Being in existence since 1989, Enthroned is the Night is only the band’s fourth full length release, and the first one since their Empire of the Fallen Angel release almost 9 years before.

Opening Midnight Veil is an ambient introduction track to Demoncy‘s dark brand of black metal, and the haunting and ominous atmosphere certainly helps to set down the right mood in anticipation for the onslaught that Ixithra has put in place for the listener for the rest of the album. Things quickly escalate as the band begins the onslaught with Winds of Plague. The pace is extremely urgent, and the band’s blasphemous intent is rather clear. The riffs on the album are simple and rather repetitive, and while not quite as simple as bands like Von, they lack any true complexity, and easily brings bands like Profanatica to mind, with little variation that can be noticed between tracks as the album progresses, apart from the interlude, intro and outro of the album which all seek to reinforce the dark and oppressive atmosphere in the air. The delivery of the songs is also extremely direct, and songs often end as suddenly as they begin, and the results are stunningly effective.

While the atmosphere retains that cold, desolate style of pioneering Norwegian bands such as Mayhem, there is also a tinge of Canadian war metal over here, especially so with the simplicity of the music and that fast and at times rather chaotic drumming on the album, giving the music a somewhat savage and barbaric touch. That Norwegian touch is especially evident on segments like the clean guitars towards the end of Opening the Lunar Bloodgate, serving to reinforce that desperation that is already reeking in the air. I think what took a bit of getting used to as well is the vocal delivery style of Ixithra, though as the album progresses he begins to fir into the music nicely, further enhancing the overall impact of the music. The high mix of the bass on the album also definitely makes the music more crushing as well, with the uneasy rumbling that goes on underneath the chaos of the rest of the instruments.

Enthroned is the Night, with its simple structure yet destructive force, displays Demoncy‘s ability in writing effective black metal in delivering their messages of blasphemy. This is certainly black metal in one of its purest forms, no-nonsense and served with a dark backdrop.

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