Album Review: Deserted Fear – My Empire

Deserted Fear [Germany]
My Empire
Full Length
FDA Rekotz
Death Metal

Despite Deserted Fear‘s German roots, the band’s material on their debut full lenth, My Empire reeks instead of a rather diverse range of influences. The stench of death that reeks in the air is suffocating as the band preludes their filthy brand of death metal on the Intro track, but once the madness begins with The Battalion of Insanities there is no stopping Deserted Fear. Right from the get go there is a rather strong Asphyx influence with the riffing style that Fabian and Mahne utilise, though there is a somewhat slight Polish sound thanks to vocalist Mahne’s growls, sounding like a fusion between Nergal’s deep, hollow growls and Martin van Drunen’s howls, some of the very best vocalists in death metal.

At the same time, there are also slight influences from Swedish death metal and Floridian death metal that are littered throughout the album, ensuring that the attention of all death metal old school is captured, not leaving anything up to chance. The Swedish influence is especially prominent with the bombastic tone of the guitars, and the contrasting, haunting melodic leads that Fabian tends to throw in on top of the chaos that goes on around like on Pestilential and Nocturnal Frags. There is hardly any chance for the listener to breathe at all as My Empire is almost a complete blast fest from beginning to the end, and even slightly slower tracks like The Black Incantation are sufficiently relentless and crushing in their own ways. Drummer Simon completes the band lineup, and he punishes his kit without any mercy at all for the entirety of the album. Though nothing particularly technical or flamboyant that German extreme metal has come to be known for, the band also proves their songwriting prowess with powerful tracks that hit the listener relentlessly one after another, fitting to their themes of war, violence and destruction, grabbing the attention of the listener right from the first listen.

For a debut full length release, My Empire is an extremely well-crafted album, with Deserted Fear writing and playing their music like veterans of death metal. The seamless fusion of the large variety of influences has also made this album a fitting tribute to old school death metal, and is sure to please any fan of death metal at all, especially fans of the Dutch or Swedish variety of death metal.

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