Album Review: Destitution – Beware the Fury of the Patient Man

Destitution - Beware the Fury of the Patient Man

Destitution [Netherlands]
Beware the Fury of the Patient Man
Full Length
Thrash Metal

Destitution isn’t exactly a new band, with 3 out of 4 of the members being in a previous speed/thrash outift Xi-Void. This year, after almost 7 long years since their formation, the band release their debut full length in the form of Beware the Fury of the Patient Man.

Yet unlike predecessors such as Pestilence, the style that Destitution is more mid-paced, and leans more towards the heavy metal spectrum with the heavy riffs and the hard-hitting drumming on Beware the Fury of the Patient Man. Opening track Mr. Greedy quickly throws the listener into a style that is more reminiscent of bands such as Testament or Metallica, with the heaviness that is in the band’s playing as well as the riffs that are unleashed by Geert and Emiel. But this isn’t to say that there aren’t fast and furious moments on the album. Alcathrash hits the listener like a high-octane freight train, and the whole atmosphere that the band conjured on the track easily brings about a slight rock ‘n’ roll vibe, pleasing fans of old school and early hard rock and heavy metal.

At the same time, there is a rather heavy focus on melodies on Beware the Fury of the Patient Man. Leads of Geert and Emiel often bring to mind the playing styles of some of my favourite power metal guitarists such as Gus G. Clean guitars are also cleverly used throughout the album to enhance the atmospheric aspects of the band’s music. Affinity is even quite a nice, sappy ballad, and would have fit well in one of those 80s traditional metal records.

Unfortunately, such moments are quite rare, and for the most part, the album goes at a mid-pace, and fans of thrash looking for a neck-breaking head-banging fest will be disappointed. Vocalist Emiel has a rather unique vocal quality as well, and this takes quite some getting used to, reminding me of my first experience with Asutralia’s Desecrator, and honestly it did not really work well for me, despite the rather catchy music written by the band.

Still, for a debut album, Beware the Fury of the Patient Man is a commendable effort, with melodies and moments throughout the album that would easily hook you in.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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