Album Review: Devangelic – Resurrection Denied

Devangelic - Resurrection Denied

Devangelic [Italy]
Resurrection Denied
Full Length
Comatose Music
Brutal Death Metal

With a name as such, I half expected Italy’s Devangelic to play some form of blackened death metal in the Polish vein. But on their debut album Resurrection DeniedDevangelic does not disappoint as well, propagating their hate and despise of Christianity and life through a style that is much more brutal and crushing.

Right from the start of the album with Eucharistic Savagery, the band is merciless in their onslaught, and with the combination of the relentless and hard-hitting blast beats of Alessandro, along with the heavy riffs of Mario that is often punctuated with pinch harmonics, one can’t help but quickly draw comparisons to bands such as Defeated Sanity and drummer Gruber’s other recent project, Twitch of the Death Nerve. There are even moments when one almost expected to hear Alessandro switch to a different snare drum, adding to the climax and tension that Devangelic has built up, especially on the breakdown moments on songs like Crown of Entrails.

For the most part though, with the rather staccato style of playing and riffing that is utilised, the listener can be easily reminded of the style of bands such as Devourment, and also of derivatives of their sound such as Aborted Fetus and to a lesser extent, Kraanium. The deep guttural vocals of Paolo even adds a nice, slight grind touch to Devangelic‘s style, making the material on Resurrection Denied all the more brutal.

This year has been a good year for all styles of death metal, including brutal death metal. With Devangelic‘s debut full length, Resurrection Denied is certainly a nice addition to the slew of slam releases that have managed to leave an impact on me this year.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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