Album Review: Dimesland – Creepmoon

Dimesland [USA]
Vendlus Records
Progressive Metal


Blast beats, punk beats, non-conformist chord structures along with weird melody lines and rebelliously descriptive lyrics, this band from Oakland, CA can really create music in a way that we normal people would never think of creating in. Combining thrash metal, punk rock and progressive music in a way that will not make everything sound wrong together. That’s Dimesland to me.

Having a listen to Dimesland for the first time made me feel like there was no way out of being high once you’ve got high, if you know what I mean! Another feeling was as if there were ghosts in the room I was in, that got me trapped and ready to eat me alive. Thank God I was not drunk! The feeling would have been crazy and eerier then it already is at times!


Musically the band was very tight in the recording despite the drums having the feeling of intentional sloppiness and weakness in tonality, this I reckon is because of the fact that the drums may have not been triggered like most of the metal bands progressive or non-progressive would always want on their drums, and the sound to me at this point is very subjective where one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Guitars were a little muddy in terms of sound but extremely tight nonetheless. Everything just felt right where it was supposed to be. As for the guitars… Chord choices imitated lots of other progressive metal bands who use lots of suspended chord harmonies which were extremely interesting and commendable to a point. This band is really true to themselves in my opinion. The saddest thing is that the production sounds pretty cheap and very cost-friendly, and Dimesland really does deserve a better production judging by the by the amount of creativity they have displayed, not like many other bands out there who just want to be special by purposely composing unorthodox riffs, melodies and vocal lines and even drum parts. These guys really have it going! I feel everything is really from within.

Many moderately old bands should learn from a band like this, when it comes to how you can make do with cheaper production quality to your advantage. It just takes a good sense of originality and composing with a high level of awareness and creativity.

Dimesland is definately a band worth checking out if you wanna get zoned out and feel extremely random for a point in your life! With a large amount or originality in your face! I recommend this album (Creepmoon) for the people who have a love for thrash and progressive metal alike, and in addition don’t mind old school punk rock too all at a high speed! Try not to get a heart attack in the midst of this lengthened play!

Dimesland on the internet:
Official website
Vendlus Records

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