Album Review: Disorder – Pure Hatred

Disorder - Pure Hatred

Disorder [Poland]
Pure Hatred
Full Length
Death Metal

While the band is now already in its 15th year of existence, Poland’s Disorder has largely remained rather quiet, and up until last year, the band had only a single full length release out, 2006’s Confess. 8 years on, as the year came to an end I received this death metal squad’s sophomore release, Pure Hatred. With such inactivity (at least on the songwriting and recording front), one can only wonder what took the band so long to finally release the follow up to their debut, and whether the long, 8-year wait was worth it.

Fitting to their moniker, Disorder‘s style of death metal is fast, brutal, and on top of that, chaotic as fuck. The introductory track sets the underlying war-theme of Pure Hatred, and things can only get more intense as soon as Wacht Am Rhein sees Disorder assaulting the listener relentlessly. The first riffs of Ramzes quickly show the influences of the band, from the crushing, chugging riffs of Devourment to the more complex, technical style of bands like Suffocation like on Nome. Yet Pure Hatred is not so much a complete slam record, with the band introducing a whole range of styles here, from the more melodic leads of Ramzes to the chaos and destruction of war metal, a la Angelcorpse-style, aided by the tireless battery of Oko.

The slightly blackened touch that the band includes in their songwriting is also a nod to their compatriots like Behemoth, and tracks like Humiliation would have easily been a part of the aforementioned’s portfolio, albeit with a more brutal touch.

The aural onslaught is short and sweet, and almost grind-ish with most tracks running no longer than the 3-minute mark, just as an effective assault would be like – in and out without lingering on unnecessarily. Furthermore, production on Pure Hatred is tight as hell, giving the impression of a band that has been playing together for a long time in perfect sync.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Favourite picks: Doomsday II

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