Album Review: Dominium – War Ritual

Dominium - War Ritual

Dominium [USA]
War Ritual
Full Length
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Black Metal

Formed all the way back in 1999, American black metal band Dominium disbanded in 2002 after just two short releases, but returned unexpectedly in 2011 to spread their plague of terror once more, this year releasing their debut full length album after more than 15 years in the form of War Ritual.

Fitting to the album title, War Ritual kicks off with a rather ritualistic, instrumental introductory track, with that hymn-like track sounding almost like a funeral procession, before giving way to uneasy noises that mark the start of the album with Decimated. Immediately, the bloodthirst and suppressed anger that the band has had with such a long hiatus is apparent, and one is hit with their aggressive and high-octane style of black metal. The belligerence that the band displays quickly reminds one of classic war-inspired black metal records such as Panzer Division Marduk especially on tracks like War Ritual with the riffing of Kabal and that intense and urgent pace that drummer Malignus adds to the experience. The colder, and harsher moments on the album even bring about some slight Norwegian resemblance of bands such as Tsjuder or 1349.

The inspirations that the band draws from war is highly prominent throughout the record, with the band utilising many samples of the sounds of destruction to reinforce that hostility that the band infused to their music, with the title track War Ritual seeing Dominium indulging in such reckless chaos.

Unfortunately, as with many of such releases, the songs eventually find themselves sounding rather same-ish as the record progresses, with songs being rather indistinguishable from each other. However, the energy and the dangerous vibe that Dominium has created on their debut will ensure that fans of bands such as Marduk or Dark Funeral would enjoy on War Ritual.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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