Album Review: Dormant Inferno – In Sanity

Dormant Inferno [India]
In Sanity
Death/Doom Metal

Already receiving praises from doom legends such as Remembrance and Funeral, In Sanity is Indian death/doom metal band Dormant Inferno‘s debut demo effort. With the large number of extreme metal bands popping out of India, it is therefore interesting to hear what Dormant Inferno is able to bring to followers of the Indian metal scene.

The dense atmosphere set up by the introductory clean guitarists, aided by the clashing of cymbals at the background gives the listener a hint of what’s to come. The band soon breaks into the song proper, with a melancholic guitar line on top of the crushing riffs below, reminding listeners of bands such as The Fall of Every Season. The moody atmosphere in the music, and the deep growls of vocalist Gautam instantly brings to mind gothic/doom metal bands such as Draconian (Death, Come Near Me), and leaves the listener almost expecting a clean female vocals to come into the music, completing the beauty and the beast vocal effects that so many bands tend to use today.

The songs are not complete doomy affairs though, as the band speeds up slightly in the middle of the song on Failed Experiments, yet retaining the gloominess with the constant haunting keyboards playing in the background. Gautam also constantly shifts from a deep growl to a higher pitched pseudo-shriek, depending on the music and often to good effect, such as on the first few verses of Ashes. The whispers on Total Negation, backed by clean guitar lines and synths in the background leaves the listener impatient for the final moments of doom to be unleashed. The band throws a curveball towards the end of the song though, with a slight speed up in tempo, more reminiscent of melodic death metal, with riffs punctuated by pinch harmonics, the band’s final burst of energy before ending this 20 minute piece of art with the same slow and almost agonising pace that they started In Sanity with.

As expected for most demos, the production quality isn’t top-notch yet this aids in the presentation of the style of music of Dormant Inferno. The slightly muddy production quality aids in the heaviness of the songs, and also enhances the mood and experience for music as bleak as such.

Like the name of the band suggests, Dormant Inferno is just lying dormant, for the perfect opportunity to burn those in their path, and those who are willing to take some time to appreciate the art of the band will certainly not regret it.

The band has kindly put the demo on the internet for free. Click here to download your copy of In Sanity.

Dormant Inferno on the internet:

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