Album Review: Dormant Ordeal – It Rains, It Pours

Dormant Ordeal - It Rains, It Pours

Dormant Ordeal [Poland]
It Rains, It Pours
Full Length
Death Metal

With an album title like It Rains, It Pours, one would almost expect Dormant Ordeal to join the whole host of death/doom metal bands of late that choose to play a melancholic style of death metal. But then I noticed the band’s country of origin – Poland – and knew that this could be much more than what I expected based on first impressions.

The band proved to be surprising indeed, and despite the rather melancholic, atmospheric introduction that they gave with Depopulation of Io, things escalate extremely quickly as soon as the band starts off the album proper with Cypress Mourning. The chunky guitar tone and the intensity that is in the music immediately proves the band’s Polish identity, and one is easily reminded of bands such as Behemoth and Hate. The riffs of guitarist Maciej are brutal and crushing as fuck, and as per Polish death metal style, he often litters the album with low end pinch harmonics. The entire energy in the album is further brought out by drummer Radek’s relentless hits on the skins, not unlike Inferno. The Behemoth comparison is even more obvious with vocalist Proficz bearing an extremely striking resemblance to Nergal’s work on later albums.

The band also attempts to sound apart from their compatriots at times, and one of the ways that they have done so is through the technicality and complexity that the band sometimes engage in, easily bringing in some Nile and Hour of Penance comparisons. As though the entire cacophony weren’t impressive enough, bassist Kacper also remains clearly audible throughout, providing much impressive basslines at the background, complementing the complexity that goes on around as well. Yet despite these technical aspects, the band doesn’t forget their melodic side, with songs like The Sinless showing the more emotional and human side of the band. Album closer Depopulation of the Earth is also another display of the desperation in the band’s craft, with the sad and desolate melody.

Unfortunately, despite this being mostly an unadulterated Polish death metal release, there are moments where the band’s songwriting falters. For instance, towards the end of Cypress Mourning the band suddenly switches gears, causing quite an awkward moment for a bit, though the band quickly picks up from where they left off with The Stepfather. Also, there are enough things that go on at any particular point in time on the album to ensure that the listener is sufficiently kept occupied, making It Rains, It Pours an enjoyable debut by Dormant Ordeal.

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