Album Review: Draconis Infernum – Proclamation of Encroachment

Draconis Infernum [Singapore]
Proclamation of Encroachment
Black Metal

Draconis Infernum returns this year with their new single, Proclamation of Encroachment. Since 2008’s debut full length Death In My Veins, there has been a shift in the lineup, with drummer Serberuz Hammerfrost assuming vocals and bass duties as well, replacing previous vocalist Kount Cider.

Many bands in history have a marked change in their sound after a change in the vocalist, often being known and seen as the face/frontman of the band. Bands such as Marduk, Gorgoroth and Ragnarok have all seen changes in their performance style with each change in the vocalist. Similarly, the first thing that one notices is the markedly changed vocal execution. Compared to Cider’s high pitch shrieks, Hammerfrost presents here a lower pitched vocal style. Whether this is a good thing or not is up to the listener to decide, but one thing is certain, that is the change in vocal styling is certainly brings something fresh to the listener.

The title track of the single displays the direction of Draconis Infernum’s music writing, in the similar veins of what was on 2008’s DIMV. Niloc’s blues infused guitar solo, Xepher’s furiously trem-picked riffs and Hammerfrost’s drumming are all unmistakable and recognisable. The other track on the single, Vengeance Unto Thee is a rehearsal track, a sneak preview of what is to come for those who are about to catch one of their live performances. The single also comes with 2 extra hidden tracks, the rehearsal tracks of Proclamation of Encroachment and Grand Conjuration. Syroth (Warsaw) is featured as guest drummer on the live rehearsal tracks, bringing a different edge to the songs with his own style of drumming.

The production quality is also different from what was on DIMV. While DIMV was mixed with lots of highs, the songs on the single have a slightly muddier/bass-y mix (especially for the rehearsal tracks), fitting for the desecration and chaos brought about by the band’s tunes. This of course does not affect the quality of the tracks as the members Draconis Infernum masterfully executes each of their respective roles on the songs. Also unlike some bands that intentionally mix their releases to the point of hearing nothing but noise, this isn’t compromised by the band and it certainly adds to the enjoyment of the single.

Hearing these four preview tracks has certainly gotten me waiting anxiously for the release of their upcoming full length album, Rites of Desecration and Demise, which is to be released in the coming year.

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