Album Review: Dreams After Death – Embraced by the Light

Dreams After Death [Hungary]
Embraced by the Light
Full Length
Endless Winter
Funeral Doom Metal

Embraced by the Light is Hungarian funeral doomster, Dreams After Death’s debut album. Heavy on atmospherics and intensity, slow and plodding in true funeral fashion, this album is filled with much crushing moments.

Almost every song features heavy layers of sound, from synth-like strings to distant bassy rumblings. The album is replete with evidence of the thought and care that went into crafting the perfect funeral sensation. In particular, the accompanying organs in some of the songs have a strange uplifting effect, especially in the song, Funeral. An uplifting funeral… morbid.

My favourite song off this album has to be Meeting With The Ancestors. It is a nice amalgamation of the aforementioned crushing heaviness with milder moments of guitar solos which gives off a heavy Esoteric vibe, providing much variations throughout the whole 11 minutes of the song.

For a one-man band, this album is a spectacular effort, especially taking into account it is only his debut album. I have high expectations for this band. The only gripe was that certain instrumental parts did not seem to fit the overall flow of the album, as well as sounding slightly rough around the edges, but these certainly do not detract from the good compositions of Dreams After Death.

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