Album Review: Dysangelium – Thánatos Áskēsis

Dysangelium - Thanatos Askesis

Dysangelium [Germany]
Thánatos Áskēsis
Full Length
World Terror Committee
Black Metal

When a label like World Terror Committee releases a black metal release, one who knows better will know to sit up and take heed. And this is no different for Germany’s Dysangelium, who have after their impressive Leviaxxis demo bring forth their debut full length album, Thánatos Áskēsis to the masses.

Opener Consecrated by Light quickly reminds one of the swan song of Thunderbolt, with the nice atmospheric build up, ensuring that the tension in the air is as heavy as possible before letting all hell break loose. Immediately, the riffs of Götzenzertrümmerer and T. bring to mind the coldness and bleakness of bands like Watain and Blaze of Perdition. The comparison is made even stronger with the gruff vocals of Sektarist 0, whose vocal execution brings out all the hopelessness and desolation that one who is completely indulged in Thánatos Áskēsis is supposed to feel.

At the same time, the band ensures that there is this air of ritualism throughout the album, and this runs deeper than just that album artwork that reeks of occultism. Not all is fast and furious over here, and songs like Obelisk of the Sevencrowned Son see the band weaving in slower moments into their songwriting. The melodic leads does not necessarily result in anything less disturbing, as the comparison to Watain or bands like Acrimonious (especially on Sunyata) becomes even more obvious with the fusion of melody and the ritualistic.

Unlike the extremely polished style of the later Watain offerings, on Dysangelium‘s debut, the band has chosen a slightly rawer, muddier sound and this works in favour of the band as one is constantly shrouded in this murky fog of mysticism beneath the crushing onslaught. The instruments are all not buried in the mix, and the bass of C.H. is high in the mix, giving the sound of Dysangelium an additional punch.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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